Flickr Downloadr

Flickr Downloadr 2.0.3

Download hundreds of images from Flickr automatically


  • No installation required
  • Search by keywords, tag, username or group
  • Photo preview
  • Can filter by copyright


  • You can't select which photos to download


Are you bored of your current desktop background image? Need photos for your blog, or for a class paper? With Flickr Downloadr you can renew your whole image library in a few minutes.

Flickr Downloadr lets you search the popular photo hosting service using different criteria (search strings, tags, username or group) and download them to your hard drive automatically.

The program doesn't require installation and is dead simple to use. Select your search criteria, preview found images and hit "Download" to get it working. You can also filter images by copyright, to make sure you're using only those that are available for republishing.

The only drawback to Flickr Downloadr is that it doesn't let you select which photos you want to download from your search results: either you download them all or you get none. So you better refine your search parameters if you don't want to end up downloading a zillion images.

Flickr Downloadr is an easy to use tool that lets you download images from Flickr automatically.

Flickr Downloadr


Flickr Downloadr 2.0.3

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    Simple, easy and great utility.
    Flickr Downloadr is a simple and easy to use utility for downloading photos from...   More